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Should Job Interviews Require You To ‘Fake’ It?

This morning, I saw an article about job interview tips, suggesting interviewees behave in a manner that companies look for.

It said: “Most interviewers don’t really care about your ‘authentic self’. What they care about is that you display the personality traits they see as desirable.“

Ironically, authenticity is the one thing I know most interviewers (bosses, especially) look for, particularly in the creative field where your uniqueness gives you an edge. Candidates who appear too rehearsed resemble a Shutterstock meme.

So why do we encourage fresh grads to be good actors instead?

I can’t deny “yes, ma’am” candidates might stand a high chance applying for executive roles in traditional, corporate companies. Some upper management leaders prefer to hire subordinates who will “do and not ask”.

Why hire a person who will shake things up and make you look bad for not proposing these forward-thinking “Millennial” ideas?

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