Me Answering Self Discovery Questions (April 2019)

Journal Prompts For Self Discovery

2.58am, 4 April 2019

How do I feel at the moment?
My calf is a bit cold, I’m a bit hungry and unsure if my dog Bibi just farted. I also feel like I’m talking to a therapist who reveals I’m actually me talking to myself à la Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island.

What do you care about most in life?
The safety and welfare of people I love, the beauty in everyday moments and a job that allows me to help others in a way I believe in.

What are 3 words that describe you?
Curious. Empathetic. Skeptical.

What’s the biggest problem with the human race?
We are at a war with our own species. We are schizophrenic.

How do you feel about death?
I feel it’s a sad reminder that we are born to die (*speaks in Lana Del Ray*). Yet, it’s comforting to know all our experiences, good and bad, are temporary.

What do you need in life to be truly happy?
Food, water, shelter, a healthy state of mind, meaning.

What’s the most immoral thing someone can do in your mind?
Seeking pleasure through another person’s pain.

What would you like your life to look like when you’re old and grey?
Holding my husband’s hand in our cosy home, knowing we raised good kids with compassion.

What’s draining my energy?
Overthinking about the risks I am taking. Having to decide between work and studies and to adjust my career expectations in a brand new field. Feeling disconnected with the content on social media.

What were your past jobs?
Editor, public relations associate, telemarketer, waitress, fashion sales assistant, club promoter, makeup artist, model and so on. I once volunteered to wash dishes for a coffeeshop too. Haha.

What advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?
You probably already know what career will suit you. Don’t lose heart just because of the status quo or lack of opportunities in a small country, as there is more to explore in this world. Even if you do steer a little further from your path, be patient as you will find a way back and achieve things you never thought you could.

Has your personality changed since childhood? If so, why?
I think we all have different personalities. I had a more creative and extroverted side during my younger days but suppressed it slightly as a professional working adult. I toned down a lot but I feel like a kid again when I’m in a new career path.

What does my ideal morning look like?
Waking up early with good skin, preparing breakfast, filming a vlog or writing, studying/working productively and completing my tasks.

When have I done something that I thought I couldn’t do?
Kickstarting a company, helping its Youtube channel hit its first 1 million, training a team of 12 full-timers and over 15 interns.

What are my favourite games?
Left For Dead, Counter Strike.

If you only have 5 minutes more to live, who will you call and what will you say?
I’d make a voice recording and send it to my mother or husband. I would probably say something about them living life to the fullest even if I’m not around.

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