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Ringmaking Workshop: DIY-ed Our Rings In Singapore

Steph and I value experiences so instead of buying him a gift for his birthday, I surprised him with a rainmaking workshop instead.

Many couples asked me if they could make wedding bands here and I told them it all depends on you and your partner! If you guys are open to having something handmade, why not? A ring doesn’t determine the quality of a marriage. Some couples even choose to get wedding bracelets instead.

Personally, we chose to buy our wedding bands from a friend who owns jewellery stores in Singapore. There were four main reasons why: the customisation of colour (we wanted rose gold), less risk of skin allergies, warranty/a place to get our rings fixed if they were damaged, and durability. We didn’t think our amateur skills would have made the cut in our virgin ring making workshop.

Turns out, the biggest downside for me was not being able to wear it daily for the long haul as I developed small blisters around the ring area. This was possibly due to the lack of interior coating/smoothening and friction caused by metal bars when I lifted weights at the gym. I’ve since turned it into a necklace for keepsake.

At the workshop, some chose to have a more feminine, shiny design. While we loved the rings we made, we chose to smoothen and coat them with matte black, which faded into silver over time. For long-term wear, there will be scratches. We didn’t mind them but if others do, I’d recommend considering a design (e.g. with texture) that can conceal scratches better.

Location:Artisan8studio, 150 Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza #03-06 S238841, Sinapore
Duration: 2.5 hours
Where to book: through Airbnb experiences
Cost: approx. $89 per person. All equipment is provided.

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