Vlog: Bibi The Chow Chow Growing Up

Where did you find Bibi?

I’ve always loved Chows but only got around to keeping one in December 2014. One day, I Google-ed ‘chow chows for adoption’ and found a newly listed Bibi through Gumtree Classified Singapore. He was three months old, sitting alone at a corner in a blurry picture. When I contacted his previous owner, they talked me into visiting him just so I could “learn more about Chows.”

But when I saw him, I knew he was The One. I squealed “oh Baby!!” only to realise that was his actual name back then. I eventually changed his name to ‘Bibi’ just because I didn’t want both my boyfriend and dog to get confused.

How much did he cost?

I paid a S$4.8k adoption fee and took over his vaccination bills. Let’s not talk about the rest of the damage.

How old/heavy is he?

He turned four in September 2018. He is 26kg (borderline overweight).

When is his birthday?

9 September 2014.

What does he eat?

Salmon from our nearby supermarket, salmon kibbles, and cooked vegetables with fish oil and other good stuff. My grandma cooks for him twice a day.

Must he be in an air-con room 24/7?

We switch our air-cons on for him and bought extra fans to place around the house. However, he enjoys basking in the sun during most afternoons. Our vet also advised not to coop him up in air-con rooms as it might affect his lungs. To ensure maximum comfort, his fur is shaved.

Did he ever have skin problems in humid Singapore?

He recovered from Alopecia X (black skin and fur loss), a common problem among Chow Chows. After one year of changing his diet and seeking advice from every person we could, we discovered it was a hormonal issue. Castrating him cured his illness within days. Seeing his fur grow made me tear!

Does he have friends?

He mostly hangs out with my brother’s Frenchie named Pogo, or my sister’s two Shih Tzus and one Maltese. He’s socially awkward with others.

Does he know how to do tricks?

He knows what’s sit, stay, paw, down, and how to put his own toys back—tricks that require little effort. As he has short limbs and naturally weak hind legs, I think he avoids doing tricks that do not benefit him unless we have treats. Also, we do not see a point in getting our dogs to do backflips and hi-fives.

Where does he sleep?

With me or with my mum, on the floor. He dislikes sleeping on mats or beds.

How did you train him if Chows are known to be aggressive?

I wrote a post about it here.

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